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The J&J Farm is owned by Jennifer and J.J. Sperry and is a small farm located in Newtown CT. Purchased in the summer of 2017 from the previous owner Leslie, an amazing woman "who they consider an angel" is an equestrian fan and built this farm tucked in the middle of the woods. After walking the fields and exploring the barn and trails, our quest for a small farm to own had been fulfilled.



The dream that we have is to try to run a self sustaining, environmentally friendly farm in CT. Being able to provide eggs and fresh produce for not just us, but for our community.

With the farm originally set up for horses, it is taking some time to re-establish the land and barn for our future plans. So far land recovery for chickens is off to a great start. The chicken colony has taken root well, and egg production is fantastic. The garden on the other hand, has turned out to be a much larger challenge then realized.

The selling of our fresh, free range eggs, is our main focus of the farm. We plan on growing with every dozen we sell. J&J Farm is already an agriculturally zoned farm that provides unlimited opportunities for both present and future plans.

With all the help, support, and sales so far,  the skies the limit on what we can do. We hope you try our products, we know you will notice the difference. Come be part of the J&J Farm experience. Support your local farms.



The garden section of our farm is small at this point. Being the farm was originally built for horses most of the clearings are pretty shallow to non existent when it comes to soil. The farmland was more recently created and bedrock is to close to the surface for traditional planting.

The solution has consisted of bringing in soil and making raised beds. Our chickens contribute their part to help enrich the soil as well.


Although each year is better than last year we still have a lot to learn and types of vegetables to experiment with. More sun is at top of the list, so more tree removal is in our near future (always need firewood).

Chicken flock

The main stay of J&J Farm is our eggs, and without chickens we don't have any eggs, or the other way around.

We started with two small coops and fourteen baby chicks in 2017. Since then we converted the two coops into a chicken tractor with 13 chickens to help with our soil. Luck came our way in a gift of a newly crafted coop with chickens in  need of a new home. And as of this summer we are now at 90 birds and preparing an indoor coop.

Our chickens are free range. Free Range is defined as not being enclosed in a individual cages. We respect our animals and provide them with the environment and care they deserve. Chickens are also let out of their coops daily for foraging and exercise ( weather / predators permitting).

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