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COVID-19 & Your Order
Our eggs are always washed with special egg safe soap. Gloves are used directly after eggs are cleaned, stamped & packaged. Thank you for your continued support and we wish you & your family the best of health.


All eggs sold in the United States do not have to be packaged for sale for up to 30 days after they are laid!


The standard definition of Free Range for chickens means that the chickens are not kept in individual cages.

Not only are our chickens Free Range, but also are allowed to Open Range (meaning fully free to roam) to forage for extra nutrients and exercise. 


Eggs are only as good as the chickens who lay them. Diet and living environment are the key factors that determine an eggs nutritional value.

Free Range Eggs nutrition is better than regular eggs and can be seen in darker yolks signifying high vitamin A, E and D content. A thick hard shells shows healthy overall health and mineral content of the chickens.

Studies Show Free-Range Eggs Have:

  • less cholesterol

  • less saturated fat

  • more Omega 3 fatty acids

  • more beta carotene

$5 per


TEXT "EGGS" for Roadside Pickup!

Are you local?

Living in CT sometimes can mean living a little rural. Embrace the benefits that it can offer along your way everyday!

We offer scheduled weekly pick ups or try our weekday road side service with just a simple TEXT message. 


How to Order?

  1. Text "EGGS" to 203-470-7443*

  2. Receive Confirmation

  3. Pick Up Eggs Roadside in 20 minutes!
    ( COVID-19 Precautions: We use gloves & face covering at pickup)


Payment Options:

CASH: Text "EGGS" to 203-470-7443*

ApplePay Or Venmo: Text "EggsAP" to
203-470-7443* you will then be sent a payment request. Once processed you will Receive Confirmation

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